Steam traps survey

Our qualified, fully experienced engineers perform survey utilizing the recent known technology testing & evaluating, documenting existing facility steam traps and providing you with complete report noting entire results of survey, including synopsis of results (Traps tested, leaking, plugged, not in service, water hammers, condensate loop etc.)

Steam network Assessment

Diverse Team will perform on-site evaluation of your utility system to reveal inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and uncover the cause of current or potential problems. After analysing the results, our specialists will determine which intelligent solutions will be most effective in achieving your objectives. Your detailed report will include drawings, estimated savings (thermal, water and financial), reductions in emissions and more.


Diverse expert team always share their experience with customers through class room trainings, on job trainings and practices, technical seminars and also sending our loyal customers to visit Armstrong international quarter head in Belgium to witness a new level of intelligent solutions in steam, air and hot water for a wide and growing range of industries.

Engineering & Maintenance

Steam is a key energy vector for industrial sites, most commonly used for process heating and cooling, cogeneration of heat. steam producers (boilers, heat exchangers, etc…) should be sized to supply the consumers at nominal operating conditions as well as peak demand.
Our qualified on-site site team will help you on setting the optimal design for your steam network, and operate and maintain your utility systems and assets.